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So tell me more…

Ok, inside every packet of Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows you will find some silky soft yummyMarshmallows of course!! but more importantly a very handy pocket guide on how to BE BREAST AWARE which explains what to look out for with some clear illustrations – just like below!

           IMG_0313     IMG_0311


So who’s behind Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows..?

Well meet Chris and Gabs, they are a couple of intrepid cyclists, and over the next
7 years they are cycling 100,000km through 67 countries across the 7 continents of the world raising awareness and funding for Prevent Breast Cancer a charity that is very close to their hearts, Gabriella, affectionately known as Gabs, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2017. After finishing her chemotherapy in August 2017, she has channelled all her headstrong determination into making breast cancer a thing of the past for future generations. To follow Chris and Gabs adventure you can visit their website IMG_0336

The charity bit…

As the only UK charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer, Prevent Breast Cancer are committed to freeing the world from the disease altogether. Unlike many cancer charities, they are focused on preventing, rather than curing. Promoting early diagnosis, screening and lifestyle changes,
Prevent Breast Cancer believe they can stop the problem before it starts. And being situated at the only breast cancer prevention centre in the UK, they are right at the front-line in the fight against the disease.

If you would like to know more about themIMG_0336

Now the money bit…

Well first of all, and yes, I know its hards to believe, but every single penny raised from the sale of Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows goes directly to our charity Prevent Breast Cancer, and the same goes with our World Cycling Tour, as we are self funding the entire trip ourselves, that way every penny goes directly to Prevent Breast Cancer –
how cool is that! 

You can help us support Prevent Breast Cancer by doing either of the following:

Purchasing Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows at our online shopIMG_0336

By making a one off donation to our Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour JustGiving PageIMG_0336By signing up and gifting £5.00 each month and in return receiving regular updates about our Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour adventure, you will also receive a packet of your very own Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows for free! – To reach our target, we are looking to find at least 238 amazing supporters each year who will pledge to gift £5.00 each monthIMG_0336

OUT OF STOCK – sorry but our Fluffy Puff Marshmallows are currently out of stock, we are trying to find a manufacturer that will kindly supply us more marshmallows, if you know anyone that can help please drop us a line, and in the meantime you can still support us by purchasing something from our other online shop, again all proceeds go direct to our charity Prevent Breast Cancer.

To visit our other shop  click here blue logo

We hope you enjoy your Fluffy Puffs Marshmallows and we would like to thank you for supporting us 







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